Color Blend Yoga Block

Model: WTE10645


WTE10645B - Blue & White WTE10645GN Green & Yellow WTE10645P Purple & Orange

*Colors may vary — contact us for current color selections

The PurAthletics Color Blend Yoga Block is available in three different colors with a fancy color-blended pattern. Get the orange-purple block for stimulation and an energizing effect. For calming and relaxing get our blue-white or green-yellow yoga block. The yoga block has beveled edges that allow quick and easy gripping and helps you maintain challenging poses longer.



  • Odorless, dense high-grade Eva foam supports & cushions your body
  • Transform yoga poses by adding stretch and extension
  • Beveled edges, lightweight and extremely durable
  • Place under the hips, hands, heels or between hand
  • 3" x 6" x 9"

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