Weighted-Shift Ball
Weighted-Shift Ball

Weighted-Shift Ball

Model 45cm / 18”: WTE1011745
Model 55cm / 22”: WTE1018455
Model 65cm / 26”: WTE1018465
Model 75cm / 30”: WTE1018475

The Weighted-Shift Ball is a high-grade, heavy-duty ball and is well-suited for the gym, weight training and ball chair use, Ideal for toning and strengthening abs, thighs, gluts and improving posture. Non slip texture. This Professional series ball offers users a studio quality product specifically designed to optimize your workout.

Benefits of Weighted Shift Ball

  • Increase core work out
  • Non Rolling
  • Weight Resistance


  • 5lb sand filled weighted ball
  • 50% increased workout
  • Personal trainer recommended
  • Puncture & burst resistant tested to 1000 lbs/454kg
  • 65 mins. Multi-Lingual DVD
  • Eco-friendly
  • (6P) Phtalates-free
  • Latex-free

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