Ankle/Wrist Weight Sets
2lbs/1lb ea/.45kg - WTE100852 5lbs/2.5lb ea/1.5kg - WTE100852-B

Ankle/Wrist Weight Sets

Model 5lbs/2.5lb, ea / 1.5kg: WTE100855
Model 2lbs/1lb, ea / 0.45kg: WTE100852
Model 2lbs/1lb, ea / 0.45kg: WTE100852-B

Using additional weights burns more calories and increases cardiovascular fitness. The extra weight tones and strengthens muscles. Use weights for aerobic, toning exercises and walking.



  • Soft covered weights
  • Iron sand filled
  • Adjustable strap for a comfortable fit
  • Model B (2lbs/1lb): Weights have a thumb grip for stability

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